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How to Increase Breast Milk in One Day

How to Increase Breast Milk in One Day

4 tips to increase your breast milk in one day

You’ve finally gotten the hang of breastfeeding. Then a mixture of going back to work, weird sleep schedules, diet and stress threatens to end it all. Or maybe you were like me, strong from the gate,  then suddenly seemingly overnight it dwindles to nothing. Where ever you find yourself on the spectrum, this article will show you how to increase breast milk in one day.

When my first child, Savannah was born, breastfeeding came super easy once I got the basics down pack.

We had settled into a nice feeding schedule by week 12, when I was offered a part-time position as an editorial assistant.  

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Things were going fine with my supply

To prepare for my new role, I started to use a breast pump, I had only heard of people using the automatic pump but I tried a manual one, on a whim and loved it. It allowed me to move around the house as needed. Once I discovered a manual breast pump, I never used anything else for my daughter or son, who came 2 years later. 

I nursed her before leaving for work, pumped every 3 hours, then would nurse her as soon as I got home to maintain my supply and stay on schedule. It was a seamless effort with no hiccups except the few times I accidentally knocked over a newly pumped bottle at work, insert tears. 

Then suddenly it diminished overnight

I was confident I had figured out a good system to ensure I met my breast feeding goal of 12 months. That was until about 6 months in, I woke up and my breast were basically empty. 

I quickly texted my mom and sister in a panic informing them of what I thought was the end of our breastfeeding journey, thankfully it was not.

Here are some natural things that got my supply back flowing within 24 hours of feeling my depleted breasts. 

Here are the 4 tips that may help you increase your breast milk in one day:

  • Drink More Water

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Seems obvious but you’d be surprised how caring for a new baby will make you forget to replenish your own body with the basics.  

“Water equals breast milk” is what the hospital lactation consultant told me the day I gave birth. Basically, the more water I drank, the more breast milk my body would make. I thought back to that previous 48 hours and realized I had barely drank any. I drank two 16 ounce bottles of water and noticed a small increase within 90 minutes.

  • Eat Oatmeal

I had heard oatmeal helps your body make breast milk. Up until that point I hadn’t tried it but luckily we did have some so that is what I had for breakfast. This coupled with the water gave me a noticeable increase as well.

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Read more about the effects of oatmeal on boosting milk supply in my article about foods that increase breast milk.

  • Pump and / or Breastfeed your Baby

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It seems counterintuitive, if you aren’t making much milk why torture yourself and your baby by pumping or breastfeeding? Simple. Because breastfeeding is all based on supply and demand. The more you demand, the more your body supplies. If you are constantly pumping or nursing you are sending a strong signal to your body that YOUR BABY NEEDS MORE MILK.

  • Take a Galactagogue


As noted before, oatmeal is a food that contains galactagogue. There are also herbs you can take in the pill form that will help promote lactation as well.  Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle are two galactagogue I took and within 5 hours milk was pouring out of my breasts. It reminded me of my first days of nursing when the milk just flowed and flowed.

After doing these four things my milk came back to overflow. I never had an issue with my breast milk supply and was able to nurse Savannah until she was 16 months old. 

Have you tried of these methods to get your milk supply to increase? Let me know which one(s) and how they worked in the comments. 

Even as a mother who has breastfed a combined 26 months between two kids I am a firm believer that “fed is best”. If these things do not work for you or takes more time than you or your baby are comfortable with, baby’s still got to eat. So do what is best for your baby and make sure he or she is fed no matter what. 


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