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Pregnancy Diet: 5 Foods to Avoid

Pregnancy Diet: 5 Foods to Avoid

pregnancy diet

There are so many things to consider when crafting the perfect pregnancy diet.

In addition to rising hormone levels, a changing body and preparing for your new bundle, you also have to be extra conscious about what to eat and drink. All these things and more can really leave you feeling overwhelmed with following a pregnancy diet that will benefit you and baby.

While the majority of foods are perfectly fine to eat these are 5 foods to put on hold until delivery day.

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5 Foods to Avoid while Pregnant


pregnancy diet

So the verdict is still out on this one.

Most pregnant women have heard about the dangers of sushi. I personally did not eat sushi in either pregnancy. I was mostly concerned about bacteria and parasites which can sometimes be present in uncooked foods.

However new research has come out saying maybe sushi isn’t so bad during pregnancy after all. In fact, studies are claiming it may even help expectant mothers who are struggling with anxiety.

Here’s my advice: before adding this to your plate, consult your OB/GYN.

Soft Cheeses

pregnancy diet
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The issue with soft cheeses is the risk of listeria bacteria.

In healthy people, the listeria infection only lasts a day or two and can easily be  fought off. In people with weak immune systems including pregnant women the side effects can be life threatening.

Symptoms of being infected with a listeria bacteria while pregnant include: headache, stiff neck, fever, loss of balance and convulsions.

Soft Cheeses to Avoid: Feta, Brie and Camembert

High Mercury Fish

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High levels of mercury in pregnancy are extremely dangerous for your growing baby. Babies exposed to it in the womb can be negatively impacted. This includes brain damage & hearing and vision loss.

In both pregnancies I made sure to not eat fish more than twice a week because of the seriousness of mercury.

Fish that have high levels of mercury include but are not limited to: shark, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, ahi tuna and marlin.

Raw Meat

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Raw meat while pregnant is a definite no.

Uncooked meat which includes beef and poultry should not be eaten because of the risks of salmonella.

Salmonella is basically a type of food poisoning and it can be be deadly in pregnant women.

Specific raw meats to not eat while pregnant: beef, chicken, geese, duck, pork and turkey

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Raw Eggs

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When I think of someone eating raw eggs I visualize the most extreme image: a body builder cracking one open and pouring all its gooeyness in their mouth.

However when I thought about it more, I realized raw eggs are actually in a lot of foods I eat. Ice cream, salad dressing and cookie dough to name a few.

The trouble with raw eggs is they, like raw meat, can also pose a salmonella threat and should not be eaten while you are with child.

Ice cream, egg nog and salad dressings you buy from a store are fine to consume because they generally contain pasteurized eggs.


You may have noticed basically any uncooked food is a big no-no for pregnant women.

The key during pregnancy is to sway toward fully cooked foods. Uncooked foods pose an issue because heat is what kills those potential bacterias.

If you want to read more about what foods to eat and not eat I highly suggest The Whole 9 Months.

It’s a week by week nutritional guide and even has recipes. I think it’s a great book for expectant moms who want to eat healthy and are looking for meal ideas.

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